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2009-12-05 23:17:00 by TinyQ

Ok, so if you dont know, there is for batman, there is this whole thing you do trying to figure out stuff. I JUST FIGURED OUT THE NEXT PART!! ok, so after you get dr. youngs, account and do the compound balancer, it says Quincy's id is qsharp187. u use the shell thingy, but you dont know the password...BUT I DO.. its Amadeus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 that was my first guess!!!!!!!!! :D I can now look at the confidential files that u have to have lvl 6 access for!!!


2009-10-31 12:05:52 by TinyQ

I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum, ITS AWSOME!!! For the riddler, i have gotten 239/240 of his riddles. I just need to find 1 set of teeth somewhere in this building! ARGH!


2009-08-13 18:23:53 by TinyQ

Hopefully my new 4 min movie will make it through the portal! PeeMan! Watch It here!

Almost There

2009-07-25 23:39:10 by TinyQ

Im almost done with my little rockets movie!

Concerning Grr...

2009-07-11 14:22:47 by TinyQ

I actually made that movie when i was like 9, so its crap but "the little rockets" is much better (i hope)


2009-07-11 14:16:16 by TinyQ

Grrr... I made a movie, using imove (stop-action) and newgrounds only takes flash..:P
Its also like 13 mb, so until i figure out how to turn quicktime into swf and compress it, ill keep it on my blog, where i put big stuff like my latest movie almost out "the little rockets"PeeWeeMan Click it and enjoy!


2009-06-24 22:53:45 by TinyQ

It might have taken me 30 minutes, but I finally have an actual working blog!
Tiny Q
Check it out! I'll put everything on there including items too big for NG