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2009-06-24 22:53:45 by TinyQ

It might have taken me 30 minutes, but I finally have an actual working blog!
Tiny Q
Check it out! I'll put everything on there including items too big for NG


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2009-06-26 01:38:30

NO the funniest movie i have ever seen has been blammed! I laughed for aleast 5 minutes!

Could you plz send me the movie plz! Plz message me so i can get this vid!

you ROCK


2009-06-26 01:55:57

YA long live the vid on your blog! I just found it! I gave the vid a 6 btw. I favorited the page so i could watch it every day!
I hope that flash game is on its way to production cuz i WANT TO PLAY!

PS: check out my stuff on

PSS:you rock try this hack ping -l 65535 (ip addres)
its the ping of death but am sure you already know that!


2009-06-26 02:23:22

I felt so bad this was blammed that i posted it on youtube. IT HAS TO BE SHARED WITH THE WORLD

I gave all credit to you

link ZFNJ4

(Updated ) TinyQ responds:

thanks dude ur with me all the way! i just finished a movie i had to do for school! ill post it somewhere in september, its called the rockets, 3 min long scifi/comedy. thnks for puttin it on youtube

btw. how did you download it?


2009-06-28 14:06:37

And now you're 14, Happy Birthday!

TinyQ responds:

Ya know what, the movie was bullshit, i spent 1 hour on it, I HAVE NEVER USED FLASH before, you have a saw your video, in 24 hours i could do that super easy, i mainly like to do clay


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